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About us

Flourish Sales - Instantly connecting local sellers to local buyers

Flourish Sales Corp gives back the power of commerce to local businesses!

 A one-stop online marketplace that directly connects local sellers with buyers within one’s own distinct community. With no corporate giant as a middleman, small and medium-sized businesses worldwide have full power and autonomy to run and expand their businesses online as well as help build their own local economies.

Our mission

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck and a series of lockdowns ensued, we saw how it was not the big businesses but the small and medium-sized local stores from our own neighbourhoods that got hit the hardest.

The founder of Flourish Sales Corp, Shogonya, examined the findings of several studies to identify ways to increase local prosperity by keeping money in the local economy and assessing the impact of these initiatives to enlarge small businesses. As the majority of these local businesses had zero online presence to keep themselves afloat and were at the brink of being either replaced or consumed by big corporations, Flourish Sales Corp made it its mission to give these local businesses an online platform where they can operate independently as they would their own physical stores. Flourish Sales Corp is therefore not replacing but helping them extend their businesses into the digital space.

As a company, we apply a holistic approach to building communities where people within the community can directly contribute to building healthy local economies through Flourish Sales Corp.

A far-sighted, holistic approach to strengthening communities

As local businesses within one’s communities grow through Flourish Sales Corp, the local economy flourishes. With a stronger local economy, there are more jobs and opportunities available for those within the community. With higher employment rates, the stronger the community becomes!

Our Story: 

Shogonya Mnyonge

Message from the Founder and C.E.O. – Mr. Shogonya Mnyonge

I started working on this venture in 2018, but I was not sure if it could work until March 2020 – When I wanted to go to Baobab a store in Moncton – but I didn’t feel safe enough Health-wise – due to COVID-19!

I felt terrible queueing at Multinational Retail companies such as Walmart and Costco multiple times – yet local SMEs around the globe are on the verge of closing businesses on which their employees’ livelihood and theirs depends – since the pandemic started.

According to Toronto Starts and Statistics Canada – there are 1.2million SMEs in Canada. When we’re in a full lock-down -What happens to that 51% of local SMEs that don’t have an online presence? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, customers’ shopping behaviour has changed, now customers are looking for easy, convenient, efficient, and safer ways of shopping – that is where Flourish Sales Corp comes in place.

B2B: Vendors simply have to sign -up, list their products, and start selling within their community. B2C: Customers will now be able to support the growth of a place they call home – by buying products within their city with an option to expand but not beyond their province – for instance, NB. With an option for in-store pick-up or delivery.

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