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Who Wants to Flourish?

Community Grocery Stores

Clothing Retailers

Farmers’ Markets and Other Local Collectives

Artisans and Art Galleries

Craft Beverage Producers

Local Hardware Stores

Giftware Creators and Retailers

Electronics and Appliance Retailers

Higher visibility = Higher sales

Helping New
Customers Find You

Flourish Sales significantly amplifies your customer reach. We have taken great care to curate an online community of quality local vendors and create a convenient platform to showcase their products and services.

Customers in your area who want to choose local goods and services can search by your business name or product category - any time of the day, any day of the week.

Little or No Marketing
Experience? No Problem

For businesses that haven’t had the opportunity to create a website or embark on online marketing activities, we look after that for you.

If you have a website, our platform will strengthen your ability to serve your customer’s needs by enhancing your inventory maintenance and customer fulfilment activities.

Real Time Inventory
and Secure Transactions

Flourish Sales creates a ‘mini website’ for your business. You can display a real-time selection of your inventory while facilitating transactions safely and securely.

Your customers will pay through the platform, along with having access to a messaging feature for you to communicate directly with them. In addition, your customers have the option of having products delivered or picked up at their preferred location. This is all included in a low monthly fee.